To pay homage to our founder, José María, we created “de Gras”.
Our goal was to express the vision and passion of four generations and over a century of commitment and experience.

José María Gras had a very personal touch: he spent long hours tending the vines, talking with them. And this magically produced generous vines and the best grapes.
Instead of creating sophisticated wines, “The Gringo” said he wanted to make
“wines that bring joy to people’s hearts”.

de Gras wines comes from the most renowned wine regions of Chile, within the Colchagua Valley was the place where this family legacy begans, and that actually is knowned as the “most awarded valley of Chile”.

Today, decades later, in our efforts to perpetuate the memory of our forebear, de Gras has been born.

A wine that is quite simply delicious. Converted into a tradition that reflects that bond of love between José María and his grapes.

We invite you to be part of our story and to enjoy these great wines coming from the best Chilean terroir’s.

MontGras Wine Club
Únete a nuestro club y sé parte de MontGras con una selección especial de nuestros vinos para que los disfrutes a precios preferenciales, accesos preferentes a nuevas cosechas, así como a actividades y eventos de nuestra viña. ¡Suscríbete!